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Big Springs Campground

Inyo National Forest, California, 2000
by Albert Vetere Lannon, PIT Volunteer

The Inyo PIT Song
(sung to the Beatles’ tune “Come Together”)

Here come us PIT folks,
We got sharpened trowels,
We got rusty dust pans,
We got line levels and tape measures too,
Dig in the dirt is what we want to do;
Arch-aeology, wearing sunscreen, big hats too.
We got concoidal fractures,
We got bulbs of percussion,
We got bioturbation,
We got ob-sid-i-an by the pound,
Diggin’ real deep so the lost can be found;
Arch-aeology, drink more water, make a mound.

We find some Desert Side-notch,
Find some Humbolt bases,
Find some beads of soapstone,
Find some bifaces and scrapers and chert,
One meter down there’s still stuff in the dirt;
Arch-aeology, work together, stay alert.
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