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Uptagrafft Homestead Restoration - Colville NF - WA

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Img_3726.jpg by US Forest Service
Step back in time, hone your log-building skills, and join us on an historic homestead on the Colville National Forest! Built around 1919, Uptagrafft Homestead was one of many homesteads in the area that were filed under the Homestead Act. The homestead was abandones in 1935 when the Resettlement Administration bought up many struggling smallholdings, and became part of the Colville National Forest. The Forest now uses the homestead as an interpretive site, demonstrating the typical layout of homesteads that were once common in the area, but have become increasingly rare. With your help, PIT volunteers and FS staff will continue to repair, preserve, and improve this group of structures so visitors can get a taste of pioneer life! It will be a lot of work, but also a lof of fun and you will find out if you have what it takes to be a homesteader in the wilderness! We hope you will join us in July!

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