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Savenac Historic Nursery Restoration Project XXIII - Lolo NF - MT

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20170714_105857.jpg by Erika Karuzas, US Forest Service
This year will be the Nursery's 23rd PIT project. We have two primary projects this year, the East Cottage interior and the Bunkhouse. The District has done some heavy cleaning in the East Cottage, but we need some help building and repairing windows, screens, storm doors, and building new beds to get it ready for the Cabin Rental Program. We would like to build new bunkbeds for the upstairs in the bunkhouse and fix that east side porch. Our grounds crews will be maintaining the current interpretive trail (wood chips and rails in place), with the gardening crew pruning lilacs, iris's, among many other duties that will pop up during the spring thaw. We need your help to keep this site at its best! If you are new to PIT, this is the deluxe of PIT projects. We have many volunteers who have returned year after year. We have seen many young families come in and, with adult supervision, we have helped our youth gain skills in carpentry, trail maintenance, and just good, old-fashioned, hard work. By the end of the week, we all get to see our accomplishments and have a small celebration remembering and honoring a number of people who have brought us to where we are today!

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