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Hornbrook Archaeological Site Testing and Rehabilitation - Redding FO - CA

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Klamath_river_california.jpg By Blake, Tupper Ansel, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Join BLM archaeolgists Alden Neel and Eric Ritter this summer for a venture into California's past! In the state's northernmost reaches, near the small town of Hornbrook in Siskiyou County, sits a puzzling archaeological complex - Site CA-030-1906 - currently named the Reed Mining Complex (which, itself, is no the original name). Here, gold miners in recent days have been mining within older placer gold extraction and settlement features creating un-reclaimed disturbances and archaeological data losses. Noteworthy are cabin pads and foundations, artifact scatters, tailings, and the mined landscape. Furthermore, there is ephemeral evidence of Native American Indian uses here - territory inhabited by the Shasta Tribes. Rocky outcrops include one small rock shelter with at least one occupation level, from which an early metal arrow point was recovered. We will establish a basecamp nearby along the Klamath River, in an area that adjoins a prehistoric village and cupule petroglyphs. The standard outdoor nuisances can occur here as well, such as poison oak, ticks, and the occasional rattlesnake. So come prepared for those things, but most of all, for a rare look into the area's past, cultural and natural landscapes, a lot of fun, and an opportunity for some hands-on learning in the field - see you in June! This project will recruit only until filled, so apply today!

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