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South Bighorns, Part III - Buffalo FO BLM - WY

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20180627_094851.jpg by Ardy Hahn, BLM
Come join BLM personnel for another site recording project in the beautiful Bighorn Mountains! This year, participants will survey to relocate previously recorded sites and update them accurately with newly produced maps, digital photographs, feature drawings, and artifact inventories. We may also do shovel tests to ascertain the presence and potenttial density of subsurface cultural materials. Volunteers will get to view and experience a broad range of Wyoming's archaeological resources during the project, including known prehistoric rock shelters, open lithic scatters, and stone circle sites. Data from this PIT project will be used to help determine site eligibility on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) and establish a management plan for the important resources of this area. Join us this July for another hike through the history of Wyoming!

Please note: Strict COVID-19 protocols will be followed, including the wearing of masks.

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