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Archaeological Investigations at Terrace, Utah - Salt Lake FO - UT

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Lucin_cutoff_aerial.jpg by Jack Boucher [Public Domain]
The construction of the first Transcontinental Railroad (TCRR) across the United States was a magnificent undertaking, years in planning and years in execution. Historian Stephen Ambrose said of the effort, "...there is nothing like it..." Reaching west from Omaha to Sacramento, across the vast grasslands of the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains, and the high Sierras, the Transcontinental Railroad cut an impressive swath through Utah, north of the Great Salt Lake; it was the main corridor of socioeconomic growth and development in the western United States. The Promontory Segment of the TCRR was home to two large town sites: Kelton and Terrace. Terrace exists today as a very large archaeological site, a site that is a vast repository of information pertaining to 19th-century ethnic relations, economic systems, technological innovations, and frontier urban development and collapse. We will emply surface inventory, ground penetrating radar, and x-ray fluorescence to obtain the necessary data that can be used for reconstructing socioeconomic patterns and contributing to the broader interpretation of the site. Volunteers will assist professionals trained in the use of these technologies in data collection and interpretation. There is much to learn and see during the course of this project, so we hope to see you this spring!

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