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Sitgreaves Site Relocation Project 2017 - Apache-Sitgreaves NF - AZ

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Mogollon_Rim_east_of_Pine By Kevin Dooley from Chander, AZ, USA (Mogollon Rim  Uploaded by PDTillman) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsThe Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest (ASNF) is looking for volunteers to help relocate and record archaeological sites. The ASNF is located in east-central Arizona sitting above the Mogollon Rim. This area of Arizona played an important part in the story of the Southwest and continues to do so today. As technology improves, archaeologists on the ASNF are noticing that our data are no longer viable, and we need PIT volunteers to help us remedy that situation! Our project will include hiking over hilly terrain, and at high altitude (roughly 6,800 feet (asl)). We will be looking for archaeological sites that have been previously recorded, but that do not have good locational information. Once we find a site we will photograph, describe, map the area with accurate GPS equipment, and document any artifacts. If we are lucky, we might even find sites that have never been recorded! So, please join us this fall for another “hike into the past!”

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