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Upland Pine Excavation - Tuskegee NF - AL

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Join us during Alabama's beautiful early spring, as we explore the past on the United States' smallest National Forest! Tuskegee National Forest will host an excavation of a prehistoric site, where unique pottery and stone tools abound. Volunteers will be instrumental in determining the site's eligibility for placement on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) and its credentials for becoming a Priority Heritage Asset for the National Forests in Alabama. Auburn University is just minutes north of the site: Tuskegee University just minutes south. There are also abundant hiking and horse trails here, and plenty to see and do in those hours "off the clock." So, whether your preference is wilderness exploration, taking in the sights, or hob-knobbing in some of the finest, southern collegiate atmosphere around, there is something for everyone - see you this spring!

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