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Fossil Search and Rescue II - Custer NF - SD

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Dscn4163.jpg by Barb Beasley, FS PaleontologistHave you wanted to find and excavate dinosaurs and other plants and animals that lived over 75 million years ago? Well, here's you opportunity!! This year PIT volunteers and FS staff will be scouring the bare ground for fossils, scientifically documenting them, and then excavating and collecting these resources. The fossils will be housed at the Paleontology Research Lab located on the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Campus in Rapid City. Although we will be camping in a remote prairie covered in trees, the amenities are top notch: an optional (for a small fee) caterer, a large basecamp tent, hot water showers, outdoor toilets, solar generator for power, cell phone coverage, and all of the supplies needed to conduct work. Join us in July for this year’s “fossil hunt!”

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