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Prehistoric Sites near Camp Shelby - De Soto NF - MS

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Forest near Camp Shelby by Rob Reams
Join us on the De Soto National Forest this spring for an excavation in the wooded ridges around Davis Creek! We will excavate the two sites for objects and features that may help determine the relationship to other sites in the region. Specifically, we'll study the sites for traces of in-ground cooking ovens and fire spots, and we'll examine recovered assemblages for ceramics and other diagnostic artifacts whose attributes may provide clues to the precise temporal and spatial linkages to other sites found in the area. We'll be working on a wooded strip of Forest Service land between Camp Shelby (the largest active National Guard camp in the U.S.) and an active tank range. We'll be safe, but there might be plenty of noise! The way to the sites will involve walking long distances along a temporary trail through the woods, and supplies and equipment will have to be packed in, but it'll be worth it! If you're able to laugh at the archaeologist (and his horrible jokes and puns) and have an innate ability to have fun, then this project is for you - we hope to see you in April for another unique excavation opportunity on the De Soto!

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