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The Search for French's Hotel - Plumas NF - CA

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Featherriverroutetowardsbeckwourthpass By Moabdave (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsJoin us this summer as we sleuth into the Plumas National Forest's past to try and puzzle out an archaeological anomaly! According to historic public records and written accounts, French's Hotel was established in the high, mountainous country of Plumas County during the early 1850s. It was located on a well-used pack trail, and was a popular stopping point along the Beckwourth Emigrant Trail. However, despite its convenient location and alleged popularity, it is believed to have been open for only a few years, and then all but disappears from history! A few documents and some diary entries are indeed all that seem to remain of the Hotel after 1858; there are no known references for its operation or ownership after that time, and the spot upon which it and its outbuildings once stood is no no more than a "clearing" in otherwise wooded terrain. Well, we inted to find French's Hotel this year, and we need your help! Using metal-detectors and an arsenal of archaeological skills, PIT volunteers and Forest staff will endeavor to solve the "mystery" of French's Hotel. This will be a unique and intriguing project, set against a backdrop of mountainous beauty. So, join us in July, time detectives - help us identify the spot where this early hotel once stood, and let's put it back on the historical map!

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