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Excavations within a Slice of "Tortoise Heaven" - De Soto NF - MS

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Mike_hurst_site_view1.jpg by Rob Reams, US Forest Service
Please join us on the De Soto National Forest for the continued testing of the prehistoric site "Mike Hurst!" The site is covered with small sandy oak trees, and is favored by the gopher tortoise. The area is one of the last ridges overlooking the floodplain of the Leaf River, which is a major body of water in south Mississippi and served as a main mode of travel for centuries. "Mike Hurst" (B.C.E. 2,5-A.D. 1,100) is a multi-component site, where artifacts (pottery), perhaps common to the region or, at least, found at other sites on the Forest, is also home to pottery types and styles specific to this site. This season, we will excavate the site for objects and features that may help determine the precise relationship among other sites in the area. Our work will also be used in defining the site for placement on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). We hope to see you this fall for this unique opportunity!

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