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North Dakota - Dakota Prairie Grasslands
Closed! Digging Up Triceratops

Dscn8145.jpg by Barb Beasley, US Forest Service
Triceratops excavation

May 21-26; May 28-June 2, 2018 (including weekends)

Must commit to 1 entire session; may participate in both

Please join our team, headed by none other than Forest Service Paleontologist Barbara Beasley, for the first of several, 2018 “dino” projects! During this first project, we will excavate two Triceratops dinosaurs from the Late Cretaceous badlands of the Little Missouri National Grassland, located near Marmarth! This two-week project will predominantly be excavation with some possible pedestrian surveys, if time permits. The terrain is rolling hills and steep-sided buttes, formed from ancient deposits of volcanic ash, sandstone, clays, and organic layers composed of carbonized leaves and swamps. We will excavate, document, plaster, and remove the specimens for later deposit, study, and curation. And, TWO Triceratops? Wow! What better way to spend a summer? We hope to see you in May and June!

Number of openings: 30 (15 per session)

Special skills: Because this project is mainly excavation, volunteers must be physically capable of sitting, leaning, kneeling, stooping, etc., for extended periods every day, and in a variety of weather conditions; previous excavation, mapping, survey, fossil study (including plastering, removal, etc.), and/or simple interest in the “wide world of dinosaurs” helpful, but not required

Minimum age: 13 years old, under 18 with a responsible adult

Facilities: Our remote base camp will be located 17 miles up a gravel road, approximately 20 miles from Marmarth; base camp will be right of the gravel road, and will include ample space for tents, vehicles, or RVs (no hook-ups); provided amenities, include a large base camp tent, shade tents, cooking equipment, caterer (optional at ~ $15/day), portable toilets, portable hot water showers, tools, supplies, and a UTV; potable water will be available in a tank; otherwise, please bring your own water; other lodging options in Baker, MT, or in Bowman; both are full-service communities with motels, restaurants, and a variety of other amenities; volunteers responsible for own lodging/camping equipment, food (if opting not to use the caterer), extra water, and daily transportation to designated meeting area (if opting to stay off-site)

Nearest towns: Marmarth, 20 miles; Baker, MT 30 miles; Bowman, 45 miles

Applications due: March 26, 2018

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