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"Fossil Fish, Mosasaurs, & Pterosaurs…Oh My!"

Nebraska National Forest, South Dakota, 2010
By Barbara Beasley, Paleontologist

We had 14 new PITsters join this project. During our fieldwork, we found over 100 new fossil sites. Some of the exciting moments came as we excavated 4 Mosasaurs (a partial one we are still leaving for next year), a Plesiosaur stomach stones package (a rather rare find!), a pterosaur, the caudal fin (tail) of a large fish and, most importantly, a toothed, diving bird called Hesperornis! We documented and collected numerous fish, baculites, and sharks, and we also had more artifacts found at the Clovis site I discovered last year. Bob R. found a Clovis preform!
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