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California - Modoc NF
Closed! Relocating the Military Road from Fort Bidwell to Fort Crook

Ft_bidwell_road.jpg by M. Pamela Bumsted, U.S. Forest Service
The Devil’s Garden Lava Plateau

July 23-27, 2018

Must commit to entire session

Fort Bidwell was established in 1864 to help protect settlers in Surprise Valley. It was supplied by Fort Crook, established in the 1850s, in the Fall River Valley over 100 miles to the west. The first supply road was the Lassen Emigrant Trail, established in 1848. In 1867, the military constructed an engineered “Military Road” to facilitate delivery of supplies via an easier route. This route was subsequently utilized by settlers who abandoned portions of the rougher Lassen Trail. The road was plotted on the General Land Office survey plats in the early 1870s and was used up to the very early 1900s. Forest Service roads later replaced the military road, which, after the passage of time, has been largely lost to history. This project is designed to relocate and record the original 1867 alignment of the military road using old air photographs, LIDAR images and metal detectors. So, join us for another unique hike into the “Devil’s Garden,” and into California’s historic past!

Number of openings: 10

Special skills: Previous archaeological survey, mapping, GPS, artifact identification (particularly historic military), and/or metal-detecting experience helpful, but not required; please note on your application if you own and can bring your own metal detector – while this is not a requirement for selection, our stock is limited, so having more out there would be extremely beneficial!

Minimum age: 12 years old, under 18 with a responsible adult

Facilities: Campgrounds are available at both Big Sage and Stough Reservoirs, located about 20 miles from the project area; amenities vary and fees/restrictions may apply; other camping options, motels, and restaurants available in Alturas; amenities vary and fees/restrictions may apply; volunteers responsible for own lodging/personal camping equipment, meals, water, and daily transportation to designated meeting area; extra water will be provided by FS; access road to the project area is drivable by standard-clearance vehicles

Nearest towns: Alturas, Ft. Bidwell, Cedarville: ~7 miles

Applications due: May 28, 2018

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