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Sandy Aurora Excavation

Superior National Forest, Minnesota, 2006
By Jessica Davison, pre-teen PIT Volunteer

A Wonderful Achievement

When I went up to Duluth I thought that this would be a boring trip because back then digging for artifacts wasn't my thing. But now I look at it differently. I look at it as an experience and something that should be a part of a pre-teen or a teenagers life because not only was it fun but it was a place to meet new people. I met so many new people that it was actually a shock. These are the kind of people that make you laugh and enjoy life. They encourage you when you aren't finding anything in the hole. They tell you what to look for. These are the people that tell you to never give up and that is what I look for in a person. Here is a little something that I put together. It may sound a little cheesy.

Coming up in a van at :30 in the morning: 3 ½ hours.
Knowing that this will be a long weekend: 15 minutes.
Digging in a hole looking for artifacts: 8 hours
Breaks in between: 20 minutes each time.
Throwing an ataladal only 2 inches in front of you: 3 minutes.
Finishing and being done until next time: 32 hours
Knowing that there are people that will laugh with you and not at you: priceless!!
For everything else there is a program called Passport in Time.

I would just like you all to know that I have learned many things like: how to identify an artifact, how to throw an ataladal, and of course how tall Alan was. I still remember 6'2 and he used to be 6'4. Ya I learned many more like Sue rescues animals. Tom loves classical music. (At least that what it sounded like from the song selections.) Ha-ha. Dick and Jane have been digging for artifacts for about 10 years. Erin has 2 kids. Cora is home schooled and loves to have a good time. Alan used to be a science teacher. Peter loves to garden or that is what I think. He also is a social worker. If I have missed anyone I am so sorry!!

Well the reason why I became so interested in the dig is because when I found something it was like finding a dog that doesn't have a collar on. It made me so excited. But then you sometimes get the horrible words. "I am sorry but that is not an artifact!!" NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!! But then sometimes you get lucky and you get to put it in a bag and then you mark it on your map. And you also get to label the bag. I loved to label it and marking it on the map. I also loved filling out the sheets!! Then you would go back to digging in your hole. I was amazed at how long people have been doing artifact digs. I thought everyone would be newcomers like my family. But oh no!! 1-10 years. That is how big the rage got at the dig. Wow!! I thought that was amazing!! It was easier to learn then. Because you have everyone that knows how to do everything!! Ya it was pretty cool. I was moved around in the dig three times and that is how I meant everyone at the camp. I would sometimes stay there for awhile or just for one day. But in that short time I became well aware of everyone. It was pretty funny when people started planting arrow heads in one another's unit. I was waiting for someone to do it to me but I was lucky enough not to get one because I probably would have gone crazy if I would have got in one. Dick got one and everyone told each other that they might not get it back from him!! We were also taught how to make arrow heads so that is how they ended up finding one. We were taught by none other then Don himself. He is a pro at this. Even though I accidentally fell asleep. Sorry about that!! It was very interesting though while I was awake at the time. I was known has the Flit Napper. The thing is called Flit Knap. So you see I got my name!! Ya great times that I wish could last forever. I guess I should probably let you go now reader. But before I let you go ask yourself this one question: Would I want to keep doing this? Well I am sure that you are already doing this for fun but would you want to keep doing this?? Well that my friends is a good question.
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