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Montana - Lolo NF
Closed! Savenac Historic Nursery Restoration Project XXVI

Savenaclogo.jpg by U.S. Forest Service
We Continue to Rise

September 11-16, 2022
Volunteers must commit to entire session

In 1905, then-U.S. Forest Supervisor, Elers Koch, was on a honeymoon trip with his young bride. They came across an abandoned homestead, which they discovered was previously owned by the German settler, Savennach. Koch decided then and there that this was to be the location of the Region 1 tree nursery. It was ideally situated on the Mullan road, and the nearby railroads would help to deliver saplings across the region. His dream was soon put to the test during the Great Burn of 1910, wherein millions of acres of woodland – including parts of Savenac Nursery itself – and several towns were destroyed. However, the Nursery was rebuilt and, within five years, had over 15 million seedlings delivered throughout the region.

During the Depression-era of the 1930s, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) developed the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), which brought hundreds of young men out to work across the nation. Camp Taft was located just across the St. Regis River, where hundreds of CCC men were employed. Their work – the buildings, bridges, trails, and even the trees that exist today – can still be seen at Savenac and, because of this association and that of the development of the early Forest Service, Savenac has been honored with placement on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). However, the heyday of the Nursery ended in 1969, when the nursery at Coeur d’Alene opened, and Savenac closed. Although Savenac was later used for multiple purposes, such as housing the Youth Adult Conservation Corps in the 1970s, it remained mostly idle for the next 30 years. Then, in 1995, the first Passport in Time (PIT) project at Savenac Nursery began with just one bucket of paint! Since that time, PIT volunteers have helped maintain our buildings and grounds – no small feat by any means – and, combining your efforts with those of Forest staff, the legacy and beauty of Savenac endures!

2022 will be a different year for the Savenac PIT project. For the first time, we will not be hosting our project in the middle of the summer, due to long overdue maintenance needs, but rather in the cool of the fall! And, this year we are looking at three separate projects. First will be The Bunkhouse, Phase 2 of 3. Here, we’ll focus on the upstairs. We plan to remove and repair the bunk beds and, while those are out, repair the holes in the walls and paint the interior. We are also looking to install window fasteners throughout the building. We are currently still debating between hardwood floors or carpet, but something will be new up there! Secondly, The Cookhouse needs attention, and we aim to tackle the downstairs living area as well. We are looking to remove that tacky ceiling, and to repair the bunkbeds. Finally, there are many windows around the facility that need glazing and repair. If we have enough interested volunteers interested, we may be able to hit them all!

More specific projects may emerge, but these are the major ones we are planning so far. Believe it or not, we might not actually paint this year! After all, the host volunteers need something to keep them busy while the site is closed to Forest visitors in June and July. But, if anyone insists, we may just have a few “touch-up” projects throughout the site! For those volunteers who may prefer, the grounds crew will continue maintaining the area, though our focus may be a bit different – more on that to selected volunteers. Depending on weather conditions, and what work may be needed by September, we may plant new trees in the arboretum, maintain the Christmas trees, relocate plants and trees that may be in the way of the new water and sewer lines, and install new kiosk boards and signage. There is always something to do out here!

If you are new to PIT, Savenac is the absolute deluxe of PIT projects – just ask any of our volunteers! We have many who have returned year after year, and we have seen many young families come out. Additionally, with some adult supervision, we have helped our youth gain skills in carpentry, trail maintenance, and just good, old-fashioned, hard work! By the end of the week, we all get to see our accomplishments and have a small celebration remembering and honoring a number of people who have brought us to where we are today. And one final, but important, detail: we provide the food and housing for our volunteers! You will be treated to a continental breakfast every morning, including cereal, oatmeal, and bagels; lunch is typically leftovers from the previous evening’s meal, though it generally comes with freshly baked cookies and fresh fruit. Dinner is always hot and hearty, with fresh-baked cakes and ice cream to top it off! So, come on home to Savenac Nursery, and join us for year 26!

Please note: We will continue to follow COVID-19 protocols. If the state requires us to wear masks, we will; currently, our mask mandates can change weekly. The health and wellness of our volunteers and staff are of the utmost importance. As a result of fluctuating regulations, our project may be subject to change.
Number of openings: 20

Special skills: Previous construction, carpentry, painting, general grounds-keeping, landscaping/gardening, and/or restoration skills helpful, but not required

Minimum age: 4 years old; applicants under the age of 18 must apply with a parent or guardian; guardian MUST submit a separate application and plan to attend for the full time frame as applicant

Facilities: As stated above, the FS will provide all meals and snacks. Our lodging options are as follows: FS bunkhouse at no charge (we can house exactly 16 individuals); separate men’s and women’s sections. Bunkhouse upstairs and Cookhouse downstairs will be under construction, however, the shower facilities in the Cookhouse will still be available. Volunteers will need to provide their own bedding (sheets, blankets, towels etc.). Tent and RV camping available on site at no charge; no water, no hook-ups; Camping also available at FS campground Cabin City; limited facilities, and fees may apply; St. Regis offers full-service camping areas (at volunteer expense), some limited amenities, and a small grocery store (most of the time). The $50,000 Motel is also located within a quarter mile of Savenac, and is a popular lodging spot for any wishing for hotel stay. Superior is a full-service community with hotels/motels, restaurants, and full range of other amenities; volunteers responsible for own camping equipment/off-site lodging, and daily transportation to and from work site

Nearest towns: Haugan and St. Regis, 15 miles; Superior, 30 miles; Wallace, Idaho, ~60 miles

Applications due: July 11, 2022

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